Two Toads Are Better Than One

Two Toads Are Better Than One

Springtime fishing has indeed started around the country, and targeting bass with toads and frogs will be a common practice. Who can resist seeing a nice bass blow up on your top water toad or frog? Anglers get chills seeing that vision in their head, and the excitement is real. You may ask what the difference is between the two, and to most of the fishermen, I know it is a simple characteristic. Throwing a frog means you are casting a hollow belly lure, and the toad is a solid soft plastic lure. But is there more to the story?

Two Toads Are Better Than One?

Fishermen like to utilize baits that appeal to them and that they believe will give them the advantage to catch more and bigger fish. Angling Ai has developed two toad molds for anglers to make their unique toad baits. Offering a selection of toad molds allows the angler to pick the one they like the most — what a concept! Seems like a great idea; offer two designs and let them choose. However, the different designs go way deeper than just which design appeals to a fisherman. Each toad has different features and characteristics that maximize the top-water toad fishing experience. Bass can be selective creatures, and creating the reaction strike can come down to what is actually happening on top of the water. Presenting the right lure at the right time is key to catching more and bigger fish. Each toad has a unique sound, action, and retrieval speed. Having multiple toad options in the tackle box that create different presentations is a must.

Presentation Features By Design

Atomic ToadAR-S Toad
  • Double Bubble Trail                
  • Single Bubble Trail              
  • Creates A Wider Wake
  • Creates A Narrow Wake
  • Gurgling Sound
  • Spitting Sound
  • Pushes More water
  • Glides Under Pads Better

Atomic Toad Vs. AR-S Toad:

When comparing the two toads, it is easy to see they are different. How much difference between them goes beyond the eye test? Let us break down several key differences in the design that makes them specialized.

Tale of the Tape

Atomic ToadAR-S Toad
Body Length                             
  • 2-½” Long                                            
  • 2-⅛” Long
Body Width
  • 1” Wide
  • 15/16” Wide
Body Depth
  • ½” Deep
  • 7/16” Deep
Aesthetic Design             
  • Dimpled Top
  • Leopard Frog Pattern
  • More Rounded
  • Flatter
  • 1-13/16” L x 1-7/16” W
  • 2” L x 1-⅜” W
Hook Slot
  • Yes
  • Yes
Hook Keeper
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 18.6 grams
  • 13.2 grams

Atomic Toad Breakdown

At 18.6 grams, the Atomic Toad is made for tougher fishing conditions. When there is a bigger ripple on the water, the atomic toad design will push more water, increasing the effect of the wake trail. The legs have an aesthetic design to them that adds to the effect. The upper legs are fatter and have a toad look, and the feet have a webbed pattern. The larger heart shape curl tail design produces a double bubble trail. The body design is slightly wider and longer than the AR-S version, and the belly is more rounded. The toad can be retrieved slower than its counterpart, and its distinctive gurgling sound is louder. When the fish are less aggressive, the toad can be pulled slower, increasing the chances of getting the fish to bite. A full-body hook slot and a mohawk-style hook keeper will help keep your lure weedless during retrieval. Cavity designs for the Atomic Toad come in 2, 3, or 4-cavity molds, and an 8-cavity Atomic Tail Mold is available.

AR-S Toad Breakdown

The new AR-S Toad Mold has a tighter leg design, creating a single bubble trail. It creates a spitting sound and can utilize a faster retrieval rate. Screw lock and Buzz Bait trailer applications have been taken into account. A special hook slot design provides more plastic in the nose for rigging options. Aesthetically the toad has a leopard frog design on the top, and the body is shorter and narrower than the Atomic Toad. Having a flatter belly design allows the lure to glide better when retrieval is over and under vegetation. When the bass are aggressive, and the water has a slight ripple, it is hard to pass on the AR-S Toad presentation. The AR-S Toad is available in a 3-cavity design, and a 10-cavity tail mold is available. The AR-S Tail Mold will be able to be used in other future mold designs as well.

Two Toads For Different Needs

The anticipation of a top-water strike is like no other in fishing. The exhilaration that one feels when it occurs is amazing. When wanting to fish top-water with a toad, the conditions may limit the ability of one toad to outperform another. Having both designs in your tackle box means maximizing your time on the water and possibly the fish you catch. Whether it is the Atomic Toad or the AR-S Toad ‘Make Your Baits-Your Way’, use the most effective lure in the right conditions. Go ‘Put That On A Hook’ and get the most out of your day on the water.