Benefits to Making Your Own Soft Plastic Baits

Benefits to Making Your Own Soft Plastic Baits

Benefits of Making Your Own Soft Plastic Fishing

You've probably been hearing about others making their own soft plastic lures. At first, many brush it off like dust under a rug. It sounds difficult or a thought that cannot be conceived by most. If one comes across the topic again, curiosity often takes over. Internet searches, questioning fishermen about the topic, and soon a novice intrigue begins.

The truth is that many fishermen think about making their soft plastic fishing lures often. The quest for a certain color, amount of glitter, or different lure toughness or action exists daily. Being excited about a fishing trip and then purchasing your favorite style and color of bait energizes your body, only to be disappointed by the dreadful empty shelf. This is where it begins: the benefit of making soft plastics becomes real. Although the above scenario is true, we all have come to know that there are many more benefits to this new and invigorating craft.

The History of Making Your Own Soft Plastic Lures

Making soft plastic lures started many years ago with pans, limited color choices, and glitter. Some master molds were developed and poured over hand-carved original designs and a sparse selection of plastic existed. There was no internet to encapsulate this underground community and promote the craft. As technology broadened this pursuit began to offer revolutionary choices. Molds developed into CNC designs out of aluminum, like the ones at Angling Ai, as well as more colors, glitters, powders, and plastic options. The internet provided the tool as this craft expanded and many curious anglers tackled making their baits or ordering from the garage shop bait maker made from aluminum soft plastic fishing lure molds. Most bait makers began with one mold design in mind to create something comparable to their favorite, proven to work lures. Anglers were purchasing Swimbait Molds, Creature Molds, Worm Molds, and molds developed for an array of techniques. Bait makers could choose designs for open-pour molds, core shot molds, and injection molds to help fill their tackle boxes. Matching the color was the basic solution to not being able to find them on the shelves. Bait recipes were searched on the web and followed like a chef creating a beautiful five-course meal. For most, allowing those baits to cure was a task that was not going to happen. Regardless, the baits were fished and many had success catching fish on something they produced. Many fishermen had such accomplishments, the level of satisfaction was so high that they started melting bags of baits they owned before to create new baits until more supplies could be on hand. Reason one now existed and was successful: if they can't find it they’ll just make it.

More Reasons For The Growth Amongst All Fishermen

Many more great motivations exist for this growing craft including:

  • Bait making produces works of art and it has become common practice in the field.
  • It can be a calming stress reducer.
  • Making your soft plastic baits is simple enough that it can be done daily for just a few minutes or even a few hours at your house.
  • Bait making is family time for some as they can share the joy of the outdoors and fishing
  • Making soft plastics has provided extra income for some
  • Can be a challenge for makers to discover new techniques or master different ways to produce a special one-of-a-kind lure.
  • Swimbaits, creatures, worms, grubs, and even tube-style bait molds can be made right in the comfort of your own home.
  • Color, glitter, plastic, and powder can change the appearance of your bait and add character to what you envision.
  • Using CNC aluminum bait molds provides each bait with a superior final product and finish compared to other mold materials in the industry. Aluminum lure molds supply that bit of extra effect that your lures deserve.

…and to the bait maker, it becomes more than "I'll make what I can't find". It becomes I caught something off of what I developed with each new plastic fished.

Get Started at Angling Ai

Making soft plastic baits offers numerous benefits to any individual. You have to get into the pastime to discover what benefits are in it for you. Go to to view the large selection of molds we offer for every style of fishing. Whether the desired mold is for freshwater or saltwater, the preferred use is power or finesse fishing Ai has a mold to satisfy the need. Pick a mold that fits your style and start unveiling what this activity has in store for you. Most people will find that they can't pinpoint what aspect of bait making they like the most, but almost all will tell you that it allows you to fish "Your Baits, Your Way".