4" HOOK SLOT Open Pour

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  • 4" HOOK SLOT Open Pour
  • 4" HOOK SLOT Open Pour


4" HOOK SLOT Open Pour Mold

6mm eye socket. Single cavity mold with hook slot insert. Will make solid bodies, just trim the belly.

Bait measures 3.8" from nose to top of tail and 4.0" from nose to bottom of tail.

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119 Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent tool

    Very nice tool

  • 5
    4" open pour

    First open pour mold I have gotten. And it pours so nice! Can't wait to really get this bait down pat. Can make awesome layers and skin pours, endless color ideas and patterns. Only downfall is... I only ordered 1!!!! Need atleast 5. Highly recommend!!

  • 5
    Lil hammer

    Pours like a dream. Perfect size for early season fish catching.

  • 5
    4” HOOK SLOT Open Pour

    This was my first introduction into bait making. I have had a blast learning how to manipulate the mold with different pouring techniques. Very easy to learn on. Can pour simple one color baits, or complex multi color. Can’t wait to get more sizes for more fun!

  • 5
    4” hook slot open pour

    This is absolutely the swim bait I’ve been looking for, big and swims very good. I’ve caught flounder, reds and speckle trout and going’s to buy 3 more molds.

  • 5
    Excellent Open Pour

    The 4 inch open pour is super easy to pour and provides a beautiful bait. Highly recommend. The action is when slow rolled or at fast pace is spot on!

  • 5
    This mold is... addicting?

    Mold itself is very well made and after learning the tricks you can get some amazing results. My problem with it is that I only ordered 4 instead of 6...or 10. I am dead serious these are addicting to pour to a degree I have not experienced before.

  • 5
    4" open pour swimbait

    I have 10 of these and everyone is perfect. Easy to pour and have a great action. Excellent molds!

  • 5
    4" hook slot open pour swim bait

    Great product. Deadly in the water.

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