5 inch Open Pour Swim Bait Mold

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  • 5 inch Open Pour Swim Bait Mold
  • 5 inch Open Pour Swim Bait Mold


5 inch Open Pour Swim Bait Mold (Single Cavity)

8mm Eye Socket, Bulky front nose for the largest screw locks and INCLUDED hook slot insert.

 This bait has amazing detail and swimming action. Will make a solid body without insert, just trim the belly. 

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50 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Quality

    Great quality mold and fun to use. I've been injecting for a couple years and just started hand pouring. I have the 4 inch and 5 inch and cant wait to get more.

  • 5
    Open Pour Swim Bait

    Easy to work with and pour. This open design allows for tons of creative options. The action on the bait when fishing is excellent and is a fish catcher.

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    5” Open Pour Swim Bait Mold

    As usual excellent mold. Great detail and easy to use.

  • 5
    Just as addicting as the 4"

    This is a carbon copy of my 4" review.... plus 20%. I spend way more time thinking of new color patterns to try than I should. The mold itself is top notch in fit and finish.

  • 5

    Another awesome mold by AI. Amazing results and easy to pour.

  • 5
    5” open pour swim bait

    Love the mold, however I am very limited with my open pour experience so still learning but this mold helps a ton with that process. Apply even heat to the entire mold and it pours flawlessly every time. I haven’t done anything extravagant with the mold just yet but I’m enjoying experimenting.

  • 5
    5" open pour swimbait

    Great quality mold!

  • 5
    5" Open Pour Swim Bait

    Have molded a couple of dozen of these swim baits with no problem. Mold is well designed and built and the 5" is a perfect size.

  • 5
    Precision 5" Mold

    Working in a machine for the last 42 years gives me the knowledge to see that this mold is exceptionally machined . American quality , best of the best.

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